Jean-Pierre Senekal

Clinical Psychologist (PS 0131415)

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JP is a clinical psychologist whose work is largely focused on individuals, blending long-term psycho-dynamic understanding with short-term practical application. He also works with groups, couples and families, helping to address challenges across those systems. JP believes that gaining a greater understanding of ourselves leads to healing, change and growth.

084 205 7237

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Martha Tladi

Counselling Psychologist (PS 0131415)

Martha Tladi

Martha is a Counselling Psychologist who has found her niche in working from an African-Centred approach, taking into account varying cultural factors. The aim is to combine Western and African approaches in psychology, as often times these models are used separately. Martha works on the notion that you are an expert of your own life but at the same time your life is magnified by the people and resources that surround you. She focuses on individual and couples counselling, and prefer adolescents and adults. She works from a combination of CBT, psychodynamic and narrative therapy models.

078 018 5859

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Juanita Myburgh

Registered Counsellor (PRC 0032182)

Juanita is a counsellor registered with the HPCSA. She has experience working with a wide variety of people (children to geriatrics) with their own unique demographics. She has experience working with individuals, couples, groups and families; counselling a variety of dilemmas including: grief and loss, trauma, anger management, anxiety, relationships, depression and a variety of other life transitional issues.

As a registered counsellor, she enjoys providing genuine, compassionate, challenging and insightful support as she journeys with her clients through the unique challenges they face. Juanita believes that our past has influenced our present but it need not dictate our future. Our life experience, positive or negative, are building blocks for who we are today and can be effective tools in creating who we aspire to be. She believes that with empathetic support, the right tools, and personal determination, we can live our lives to the fullest.

When Juanita is not seeing clients at the office, she is also a group trauma counsellor where she travels far and wide to provide psychological services to those in need.

079 765 9791



Bianca Lawrence

Registered Counsellor (PRC 0033839)

Bianca Lawrence

A dedicated, mindful and caring registered counsellor, with the ability to work with a variety of individuals with various backgrounds, cultures, traumatic experiences, etc. As a registered counsellor, I am able to offer support and guidance to individuals within challenging situations or that has experienced traumatic situation(s). This ranges from being able to assist children to adults. I am able to empathise well with individuals while having an objective and realistic approach to treatment, with the individual’s best interest in mind. Further, I hold the capacity to be able to work within a community setting(s) as well as one-on-one therapeutic sessions.


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Jessica Hendricks

Registered Counsellor (PRC 0017728)

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Jessica is a Registered Counsellor with the HPCSA. She is knowledgeable in assessing behaviour, trauma debriefing and containment, bereavement counselling, couples counselling, parental guidance, sexual abuse, adjustment difficulties as well as mentoring drug addicts. Her strength is building rapport quickly and easily, delivering appropriate interventions and assisting clients in achieving their short-term goals. She has a history of receiving positive feedback from clients with effective results and positive outcomes with clients. She is often described as compassionate, understanding, and have a friendly demeanor even when working with challenging clients in any situation.

082 998 1998

Tamryn Montgomery

Registered Counsellor (PRC 0034274)


Tamryn graduated with her honors degree in psychology at Pearson Institute and is a Registered Counsellor with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. She has experience working with people of all ages who are struggling. This includes grief and bereavement, relationship issues, anger, anxiety and trauma. She provides individual, couple and group counselling, as well as onsite trauma counselling. She primarily uses a short-term, solution focused approach, which places focus on a person’s present and future circumstances and goals. Tamryn believes that the toughest battles in life are given to the strongest soldiers and that every hiccup we face in life, we are able to overcome. Reaching out for help is just the first step.

084 444 7711



Meredith Forbes

Registered Counsellor (PRC 0035343)


Meredith is a Registered Counsellor with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. She obtained her undergraduate and Honours in Psychology at the University of Cape Town. Following this, she completed her BPsych Equivalent Honours at the South African College of Applied Psychology. Most of her experience is in the field of trauma, though she is passionate about mental health in general. She has worked with individuals and groups of all ages and with a wide range of backgrounds. She works with a person-centered approach to counselling, adapting to suit each individual’s needs. She believes that working together in a caring and empathetic therapeutic relationship is extremely important. She offers individual, couples, and family therapy, as well as workshops tailored to various groups.

082 683 6427

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