Prospective Initiatives


Peer Supervision

Peer supervision will take place bi-weekly among the practitioners who make use of the Greenhouse space, whether full-time or part-time. Peer supervision is a space to learn from others and share our knowledge and experience. This is not a punitive space.

Practice support/incubation

Starting a private practice can be difficult, and so we endeavour to share our experience and provide support to those wishing to start a practice. Initially, this will be for those who work within the Greenhouse space. However, we envision starting entrepreneurship workshops on starting a private practice to share this knowledge and training beyond the Greenhouse Collective.

Workshops and training

Workshops and training can be held within the group room on the second floor of the Greenhouse facilities. These may be internally focused towards training the Greenhouse Collective practitioners or externally towards training practitioners in general.

Potential uses for this space:

  • Relevant Continued Professional Development (CPD) workshops
  • Writing retreat

Writing rooms and/or thesis support

Depending on the availability of the part-time rooms in the Greenhouse, one or more of the rooms may be made available to Masters or PhD students as a writing space. The various professionals may be available to provide professional support and/or input in the conceptualisation or execution of research, as their fields and schedules allow.

The Greenhouse Fund

One of the initiatives which the Greenhouse Collective will support is the development of a fund to be used for the growth of the Greenhouse Collective.

This may include:
• Investment in shared resources for the Greenhouse Collective (i.e. test materials)
• Organising CPD workshops and/or training
• Ad hoc basis for identified needs

These funds will be collected as a portion of the rental amounts contributed by practitioners and through rental of the group/workshop facilities.

Room to Grow

There is capacity for new services, groups, workshops or training to be developed. The advantage of multi-disciplinary space is the access to support and input from other practitioners.